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Blessed To Give Project 


Imka Community Development Organization-Uganda visited a strong woman, mother of 5, (Frank 15yrs, Joan 13yrs, Lillian 11yrs, Jovan 8yrs, and Jordan  18months)she has be through a lot as a single mother who relies on local farming, she takes care of all her children needs, including her last born baby who was diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia. Being abandoned by almost everyone including her abusive husband, she's now living with her relative where she's raising her 5 children.
The oldest son (Frank)whose only 15 in his senior one,(Not at home at the time of visit), he had gone to look for jobs around the village as usual he fetchs water, helps on construction sites, sells fruits among others so as to help his mother take care of her little siblings. Just like any other kids, these youngsters have dreams.

Joan’s dream is to become a teacher, she believes becoming a teacher will help her earn a lot of money and help taking care of her siblings. 

Lillian spoke openly about being a doctor and her reason made us all tear up, she wants to heal his little brother Jordan who has sickle cell anaemia, at home, she’s responsible for taking care of his young brother, feeding him in time, helping him take his medicine, washing him up and playing together, just at 11years she shows a lot of courage and willingness to see his brother get better. 

Jovan’s dream is to become a DJ, this is something his mother can not come in terms with, his mother wants him to have a professional job like what other siblings dream about, but for Jovan, he wasn’t afraid to make his mother feel bad, he only said what makes him happy, his passion about being a DJ surprised everyone one and we hope his mother supports his decision in the future if he still wants to be a Dj.

As for Jordan, being diagnosed with sickle cell was a blow to the whole family, both his mother’s family and his father family do not recall anyone with the same disease, it’s something new in the family and dealing with it is still quite hard for the mother, she has to travel 21 miles to reach the capital city(Kampala) to get Jordan’s medication or bring him for his check ups, for a mother who doesn’t have a job and relies only on farming, it’s quite challenging, there were many times she was very depressed and cried a lot, she heard so many stories of babies with the same disease not making it to the age of 5yrs, our counsellor helps in guiding and preparing her mind to be strong in order to overcome her fears, Imka Community Development Organization-Uganda also helps send her medication, buy foods that help Jordan build his immune system, and help older siblings with scholastic materials.

Our dream is to see these children get sponsorship for their education, it will be a heavy load lifted off their mother, we have engaged their mother in poultry keeping so as to earn a living that can help her feed her children.

Just like Frank, Joan, Lillian, Jovan and Jordan, there many other children in similar or worse situations that need our help.

With the help of our friends, and donors, we hope to help many children live their dreams and realize that someone cares.

$10, $20, $25, $50, $100, $250, $300, $400, $500 , any of these donations is accepted.



Imka community development organization-Uganda is taking a step in educating young people on how to love and protect the environment, respect nature, tree planting, go against environmental pollution, and so many other factors that can help to conserve the environment.

We visit different schools and communities in Uganda to help in creating awareness in matters concerning environmental conservation. 
We empower children to take part in voicing their opinions and ideas and be part of a global movement that can create change.

Through our project “IMAGINE A WORLD “we have greatly impacted our communities by showing children the right paths to take during the growth process and these children have helped to spread the word concerning our environment and have taught their siblings and families the importance of taking care of Mother Earth.

IMAGINE A WORLD project has encouraged tree planting in almost every home in Kawanda village and in Wakiso district at large, children have learnt rural-urban farming, planting vegetables in plastic bottles, bags and containers instead of throwing them away which affects our environment by causing pollution.
The project creates awareness through songs, dance and drama, children love showing their talents and educating all age groups.
We want the project to be a global movement, the birth of environmental warriors and by this we mean to record more songs and dramas that will be played worldwide through social media sites like Daily motion, Youtube and Facebook hence encouraging more youngsters to join the movement.

We believe children are the future generation and agents of change, and by empowering them, we are assuring a better tomorrow.