Connecting People -Enriching Lives

Our primary goal is to eliminate poverty; educate, care, empower and supporting the Community by creating awareness, improving talents and developing skills more especially to the vulnerable communities /individuals. The organization was started by Nantumbwe Betty with an idea of helping the needy children in their communities and the ideas was as result of Betty committed herself to providing sanitary pads to one of the needy girls. Betty later looked at this service that needed continual to not only to Kate but to everyone in the community that required enhancement and she contacted other people in the community to join her to fulfill the ego. Later 4 other people joined Betty and enhanced the journey together as well.


A sustainable living for everyone


Dedicated to educate, care, empower, and support vulnerable communities for the purpose of linking them to the channels of sustainable development.


·    Educate, empower and developing talents and business skills linked to market- based job

opportunities in the communities we serve.

·    Encourage people to work together to enhance health and overcome hardships.

·     Ensure sustainability and generate a sense of responsibility and ownership of actions undertaken

·     among the communities that Ikma cdo-Uganda serves.

·    Creating awareness and devising into which environmental pollution and drug addiction are curbed.



   ·      God fearing

   ·      Transparency

   ·      Unity and development.


   ·    Environment Skills development

   ·    Gender and

   ·    Equality.

   ·    Gender and

   ·    Vulnerability