About Us

About Us

Imka in our local language means Raise up. We help in raising and lifting up our communities in
order for them to reach the channels of sustainable development.
Our primary goal is to eliminate poverty, educate, care, empower and support the community by
creating awareness, improving talents and developing skills more especially to the vulnerable
communities/ individuals.

Our main objective is:

o    To educate and empower the community through developing talents and business      skills linked to market- based job opportunities.
o    To ensure sustainability by introducing sustainable programs that can last beyond the program life frame.
o    Contributing towards environmental conservation and management.
o    Providing start-up capital, materials and moral support to vulnerable people.

Our areas of interaction
● Healthcare.
● Environmental conservation.
● Children welfare and education.
● Gender and Vulnerability.
● Skills development.
● Violence.
● Women and youth empowerment.
● Gender and Equality.
● Humanitarianism

In our environmental conservation management programs, we run projects like imagine a world which focuses on young people presenting their ideas on how they wish the environment ”mother earth” would have been if man respected nature.
Under environment include:

Management of nursery bed preparations.
Practicing 6rs i.e . reuse,refuse,refurbish,reduce among other.
Offering of climate change education to people in poor urban areas
Plant trees, creating schools environmental clubs and practicing urban farming by growing vegetables,these are majorly for UPE schools for the purpose of availing children with vitamins, on urban farming with food tower and sacks method.

 Imkacdo considers Vulnerability as the all-round world problem with the youth, children, mothers and men because they all suffer from the effects of being vulnerable i.e. poverty, unemployment,human trafficking among others.

Imkacdo we help in educating the entire community but mainly school children where we also involve in finding sponsorship for vulnerable children who cannot attend school without defines sources of income and this is through our friends from all over the world who pledge for their support in different ways such as scholastic materials, clothing, school fees among others.
We avail the right to play with youth both at the organizations and from community even if they are not attached at the organization

We offer counselling and guidance to young people, disabled and women whose rights are violated and we link them to law enforcing organs. We also help young people with free computer services to access internet and do the links with other international fellow young people who have experienced domestic violence issues hence helping in sharing ideas.

Under health, we visit schools in order to  create awareness about health issues such as sanitation, body hygiene,reproductive health, how to keep the body healthy by eating the right foods to serve their purposes in the body, and in the communities we create general  awareness about HIV/AIDS, how to fight the stigma and the African traditional myths surrounding the disease as this has been the main reason why the disease is on a rise, We connect the communities with the health Centre that are in the areas and also provide psychosocial support and counselling to young people with few opportunities

Mobilize youth and women for our prospective employment training opportunities like life skills, linking technical training course to entrepreneurship skills training programs. After training with us, we provide start-up capital to our finalists for business initiation. This helps youth and Women to start up initiatives such that in the both long run and short run be able to employ their fellow the unemployed.

Participating in Music and sports, this is by helping people in the communities to discover their hobbies, talents, interests and show them how community situation analysis too,
We encourage and support competitions against other groups which helps build confidence, fun and realizing areas of improvement. We also do musical recordings and plays concerning a topic that needs creating awareness and educating the communities

Imka Community Development Organization was established in 2019 by Betty Nantumbwe with a sustainable living for everyone as a vision, seven other members with the same ideas joined.
This formed a committed team of people dedicated to solicit resorces for educating, caring, empowering, and supporting the vulnerable communities in awareness, improving lives,developing skills for self-reliance.

ICDO-UG targets the entire communities including, children, youths, elderly, women, men, and people disabilities.